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Archer Of The Month / Year

Updated: May 19, 2019

We are introducing a new feature hopefully to introduce more members to competitive shooting but mainly for the fun aspect. This will take the form of a variety of rounds designated "Round of the Month". These rounds can be shot as often as you wish during the nominated month and at a time and day convenient to yourself. entering a score card will gain you points towards the months total.

to make it fair to all we will create separate categories (ie Gents, Ladies, Juniors, B/B, R/C. X/B etc). Your Highest submitted score will compete against others in your category and the winner will get extra points added to his her total. An Archer of the Month will be Decided from these points and their name will be posted proudly for all to see. The Points will be accumulated each month in order for an "Archer of The Year Award" at the end of the season.

This months (May) round is a Frostbite and due to the late start this will be accepted up to the first 2 weeks of June so Lets have some scores in the post box just inside the club main door.

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