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Think you might be interested in Archery but not sure where to start?  You are in good company as most of us came to the sport via a ‘Have a Go’ session at a fete or as part of an activities day.

Unlike other sports taught in school archery is something that very few of us get to experience on a general basis and so it seems surrounded in mystery.  It doesn't need to be!

The good news is that almost all archery clubs will offer beginners courses and encourage new members to join and get involved.  Nuneaton Archers are no different and through the outdoor season months (April to September) we run courses on a Monday evening.

The courses tend to have 4 students to each instructor in order to maximise shooting time. Covering  safety and basic shooting technique you will complete the course with sufficient confidence to come along to a club session and start your archery life.

We also offer  ‘follow’ on sessions, also running on a Monday evening, so that if you feel that a little extra input would be useful then there is coach available to help provide further tuition.

We provide all equipment for your course and would strongly recommend anyone interested in a course not to go and buy anything prior to completing the course.  Use the club kit, listen to the advice of the coaches and the chances are in the long run it will save you money!


Courses currently cost £90 for 4 x 1 ½ hour sessions.  Should you chose to go on and join the club then your first membership will be reduced by £15 if you have completed one of our beginners courses.

If you are interested in a course then please use the following link to make contact with Paul or Sue who will provide you with all the relevant information.

The bad news is that courses are always very popular and are often filled within days of dates being announced.  However, if interested please contact Paul on the email below to obtain the latest information.

If you haven’t yet decided about committing to a course it is usually possible to book a ‘taster’ session.  These cost £10 and last for a minimum of 30 minutes.  You will get the chance to shoot, have a quick explanation of how a beginner’s course works and hopefully get a feel for the club at the same time.  Taster sessions are currently available by appointment and are arranged by one of the club members at various times of the week.

To book a taster session please use this link


The club also have ‘Open’ days and ‘Have a Go’s’ at many local events so check out "Event page" or the local press to see if we have anything planned, or make contact with us for more details.

We are now running beginners courses again and so if you are interested please make contact and see what dates are available.
Courses are always very popular and are often filled within days, but we are working our way through the list as quickly as possible

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