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Senior Club

The senior club operates for those between the ages of 18 and whenever!  For the younger ones, 18 – 24, there are reduced fees as we are aware that you are most likely at Uni, doing an apprenticeship or just starting out in your working life and so finances are likely to be tight.


For those aged 25 and up we believe our fees are still very good, compare well to other archery clubs and very well to other sports.


We operate a ‘kit loan’ scheme, where after completion of a beginner’s course you can loan club kit before needing to go out any buy your own.  Of course this is not compulsory, and many new archers do commit to the sport immediately they finish their course and can’t wait to get their own equipment.  If this is the case we are very happy to offer advice on what equipment you might like to consider.  For those that are enjoying it but not yet ready to purchase their own kit then our loan bow scheme allows you to take a while longer to see if your interest is likely to be sustained.


The club generally is structured into 3 sections, the seniors, juniors and the disability sections.  This allows us to have a committee to look after each section and therefore hopefully ensure that all the needs of those members are being catered for.

 All sections enter the local league shoots as well as the indoor winter postal Portsmouth and outdoor Frostbite shoots.

 We have several members that regularly participate in external competitions and run our own ‘Open’ competition in August as well as other ‘fun’ shoots throughout the year.


We try to accommodate all abilities and those that wish to shoot on a more ‘social’ basis as well and although we may encourage you to enter competitions it is certainly not compulsory.

 Shooting should be enjoyable and not a chore!  If you want somewhere to practice during the week, only shoot at club sessions and enjoy a more social side of things or fancy something challenging and want to push your ability to the limit then come along and see what we have to offer.


Once a 'new' senior member has completed their probation period they have access to the field 7 days a week between the hours of dawn and dusk.  Our field bosses are designed to be wheeled out of their storage and across the field so that set up for shooting is as easy as it can be and the field is available for as long as it can be.  Of course all members are encouraged to attend the club sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening (summer time) as well as Saturday mornings.  In that way they get to meet other club members and have good access to the coaches and committee. Once outside of the probationary period attendance at 'club sessions' is not compulsory and many members enjoy shooting when the field is quieter and that is also fine with us.  We have a good facility and would like to see it being used as much as possible. During the winter season (1st October - 31st March) we also have an indoor session at Nicholas Chamberlaine school in Bedworth between 6pm and 9pm.

If you are looking to join us, please feel the form here

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